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The General Practice Communication System is an automated and electronic process for sending patient discharge summaries and outpatient letters from the public hospitals directly to a GP Practice' Patient Management Systems (PMS). The process is limited to participating GP’s located within in the South West Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) and Sydney Local Health District (SLHD). Refer to the FAQ section for a list of participating hospitals.

Once a GP Practice has registered to participate in the GP Communication System and the GP Communication software has been installed at the practice, the practice will receive automated electronic discharge summaries as well as letters from the outpatient departments for their patients who attended any of the public hospitals located within the SWSLHD & SLHD region.

The GP Communication software runs in the background on a PC located at the practice. It is configured to securely connect to the SWSLHD & SLHD web site and download Patient Discharge Referral/Summary information (Documents) in a format that is suitable for the practice’s (PMS). The downloaded documents are stored on the local PC in the correct location so that the practice’s PMS will import them automatically (similar to receiving Pathology results).

For more information, use the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab.

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